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There are two versions Orbis and BBC TV they are the same subjects but issues differ see issue numbers and pictures i sell both.

From the rise of the British Empire to its collapse, this series provides an unbiased view of the Empire's history and it's influence on the world. 

The magazines are quiet old now they have been read but are still in good condition.

the series ran to issue 97 which was the index issue.

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Issue 1 The Presence that Changed the World
Issue 2 Dawn of Empire: Tudor England's Heroic Explorers
Issue 3 Showdown with Spain: Drake Beats the Armada
Issue 4 Black Ivory: Britain's Infamous Slave Trade
Issue 5 Earth's Only Paradise: A New England in America
Issue 6 Britannia Claims the Wealth of the Indies: The Wealth of the Indies
Issue 7 The Conquest of Canada: Quebec - End of the Franch Dream
Issue 8 The Assault on India: Plassery - Triumph Against Enormous Odds
Issue 9 America's Road to Rebellion: England's "tyrant" taxes and fiery Yankee reprisals
Issue 10 The World Turned Upside Down: Global War - America Victorious, France Crushed
Issue 11 The World Revealed: Captain James Cook puts Australia on the Map
Issue 12 The Coming of the Raj: The British Master India
Issue 13 Early Days Down Under: Australia - From Convict Colony to Fledgling Nation
Issue 14 The Clash of Cultures: The British Force their Ways on Native India
Issue 15 Nelson at Trafalgar: Triumph and Tragedy
Issue 16 Planters and Pirates: Sugar-Kings and Freebooters of the British Caribbean
Issue 17 Revolt Against Slavery: Wilberforce crusades for abolition. Slaves rise in the Caribbean
Issue 18 The Struggle for the Cape
Issue 19 Disaster Avenged: India's North-West Frontier
Issue 20 Into the Dark Continent: The British unveil West Africa
Issue 21 The Opium War: China Corrupted by Force
Issue 22 Buccaneers of the East: Raffles in Singapore, Brooke of Sarawak
Issue 23 The Indian Mutiny: Shock Revolt, Savage Reprisals
Issue 24 Specks Upon the Sea: A Scattering of Imperial Islands
Issue 25 Maori Challenge: The Settling of New Zealand
Issue 26 Livingstone & Stanley: Opening the Heart of Africa
Issue 27 Light in the Darkness: Missionaries and the Empire
Issue 28 The Business of the Empire: British Trade Spans the Seas
Issue 29 Buckets of Diamonds: The Precious Pebbles of Kimberley
Issue 30 War on the Veld: British, Zulus and Boers at each others' throats
Issue 31 Canada Makes Good: Klondike Gold Rush makes World News
Issue 32 A Remote Elite: Anglo-Indians at Work and Play
Issue 33 Mystique of Empire: The Makers of a Victorian Mythology
Issue 34 Enlarging the Jewel: The Conquest of Burma and Ceylon
Issue 35 Guardians of the Empire: The Far Flung Imperial Army
Issue 36 Britannia Rules the Waves: The Navy: Keeper of the Imperial Peace
Issue 37 Source of the Nile: The Men who found it
Issue 38 From Suez to Khartoum: Gordon's Death: Kitchener's Revenge
Issue 39 Take-over in East Africa
Issue 40 White Man's Grave: Winning West Africa's fever-ridden Hinterland
Issue 41 On Tour Round the Empire
Issue 42 Australia strikes it Rich
Issue 43 Opening the Outback: Explorers find the Dry Heart of Australia
Issue 44 Abyssinian Adventure
Issue 45 Empire of Iron & Steel
Issue 46 Peace-Keepers of the Prairies: The Mounties tame Canada's Wild West
Issue 47 The New Rome: London as Imperial Capital
Issue 48 The Great Game: Britain keeps the Russian Bear from India
Issue 49 Rivals for the Heartland: The Struggle for Rhodesia and the Transvaal
Issue 50 Industrial Explosion: Britain's inaugurates the Modern Age
Issue 51 China Humiliated: The Celestial Empire controlled by Foreigners
Issue 52 The Imperial Machine: The Bureaucracy Behind the Edifice of Empire
Issue 53 Eyewitnesses to Empire: The Men who Recorded Imperial Events
Issue 54 Kings in all but Name: The Men who Ruled India
Issue 55 Rule Britannia!: Hope and Glory for Armchair Imperialists
Issue 56 Victoria's Reign: Highnoon of Empire
Issue 57 The Boer War: John Bull's Bitter Victory
Issue 58 The Boer War: Eye Witnesses to Conflict
Issue 59 Ireland The Tortured Colony
Issue 60 A Most Superior Person: George Nathaniel Curzon, Viceroy Extraordinary
Issue 61 A Parade of Princes: India's Rajahs and Maharajahs, Nizams and Nawebs
Issue 62 The Mask of Savagery: The Art of the Empire's Subject Peoples
Issue 63 Antarctic Epic: Scott, Shackleton, Ross: Explorer-Heros of the Frozen South
Issue 64 The Top Families: Aristocrats and Empires
Issue 65 Women in a Man's Empire: Wives, Feminists, Missionaries and Prostitutes
Issue 66 Scuppering Britain's "Fossil" Navy: Fighting Admiral Fisher
Issue 67 The Empire at War: 1914-18
Issue 68 The War Overseas: 1914-18
Issue 69 Birthpangs of Commonwealth: The Five Dominions Assert their Freedom
Issue 70 Revolt Against the Raj: Ghandi leads the revolt
Issue 71 Road to Suez: Britain reaps the Egyptian Whirlwind
Issue 72 Empire in El Dorado: Latin America's "English Century
Issue 73 Army at Ease: Military Manners at Home and Abroad
Issue 74 Imperial Facade
Issue 75 Prophet of the New Empire: South Africa's Jan Christiaan Smuts
Issue 76 Lawrence and his Legacy
Issue 77 The Empire in Peril: 1939-43 The Second World War, Victory at Alamein & Defeat at Singapore
Issue 78 Malta: Prize of the Mediterranean
Issue 79 Road to Victory: 1943-45
Issue 80 The All - Red Routes: Steamships, cables and aircraft bind the Empire
Issue 81 The Empire on Film
Issue 82 Palestine: Britain's Crown of Thorns: Jews Return to the Holy Land
Issue 83 Britain's Arabian Oil Empire: Rise and Fall
Issue 84 The Lost Jewel: Britain Loses India, 14 Million People Lose their Homes
Issue 85 Britain's Pacific Islands: The Struggle for Men, Goods, Souls and Land
Issue 86 Because it's There
Issue 87 Uhuru for Kenya: Kenyatta
Issue 88 India & Pakistan: The Struggle for Identity
Issue 89 Africa's Wind of Change
Issue 90 Britain's Imperial Rivals: King Leopold squeezes the Congo, France bleeds in Vietnam and Algeria
Issue 91 Divided Ireland: The Heritage of Ancient Hatreds
Issue 92 King Sugar's Bitter Bequest
Issue 93 How Others Saw Us
Issue 94 Cyprus: Island of Sorrows
Issue 95 Loose Ends of Empire
Issue 96 Retreat in the Far East
Issue 97 Index to Volumes 1-8
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