Murder Casebook

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Murder Casebook
A Marshall Cavendish Weekly Publication
The series covers the details on various serial killers crimes from around the world

there are 150 issues plus some specials and the binders

Issue 1 The Yorkshire Ripper - Peter Sutcliffe

Issue 2 Muswell Hill Murders -Dennis Nilson

Issue 3 Sharon Tate Killings -Charles Manson

Issue 4 Rillington Place Murders - John Christie

Issue 5 Boston Strangler - Albert de Salvo

Issue 6 Acid Bath Muders - John George Haigh

Issue 7 White House Farm Murders - Jeremy Bamber

Issue 8 College Girl Killings - Ted Bundy

Issue 9 Mild Mannered Murderer - Dr Crippen

Issue 10 Too Young to be Hanged Craig and Bentley

Issue 11 Crimes of Passion Ruth Ellis, Scarsdale Diet Case, Bywaters and Thompson

Issue 12 Son of Sam Killings - David Berkowitz

Issue 13 Lord Lucan Mystery - Richard Bingham

Issue 14 London's Godfathers of Crime - The Kray Twins

Issue 15 Three Crimes of Sadism - Neville Heath, Peter Kurten, 'Black Dahlia'

Issue 16 Black Panther - Donald Neilson

Issue 17 The McKay Kidnap - Hosein Brothers

Issue 18 Hillside Stranglers - Bianchi and Buono

Issue 19 Death Wish in Utah - Gary Gilmore

Issue 20 Mystery of Deadman's Hill -James Hanratty

God'sBanker - The Calvi Affair

America'sKing of Crime - Lucky Luciano

PaperboyKilling - The 'Bridgewater Four'

PlainfieldButcher - Edward Gein

ThePerfect Murder - The Wallace Case

Glasgow'sMultiple Killer - Peter Manuel

Chicago'sRich Kid Killers - Leopold and Loeb

TheLady Killers - Lizzie Borden, Styllou Christofi, Parker & Hulme

TheLindbergh Kidnap - Bruno Richard Hauptman

DeadlyFantasist - Donald Hume

TheEvil Butler - Roy Fontaine

AllAmerican Tragedy - Dr Samuel Sheppard

Jackthe Stripper - The Hammersmith Nudes CaseMurder in Paradise - Sir Harry Oakes

Green Eyed Monsters -The Happy Valley Murder, The Rttenbury Case, Elvira Barney

Killer Couples -Fernandez & Beck, Gallego & Smith, The Birnies

Ordealof Innocence - George Ince

TheRebel Killer - Charlie Starkweather

France'sPublic Enemy - Jacques Mesrine

Eastbourne'sDr Death - Dr Bodkin Adams

ThePoisoners - Maybrick & Seddon

KillersUnknown - Ann Chapman, Harvey & Jeanette Crewe, Henry Morshead

JanieShepherd Killing - David Lashley

FatalTriangle - Harry Thaw

LutonPost Office Murder - Cooper, McMahon & Murphy

WantedDead or Alive - John Dillinger

Deathfor Sale - Judge Peel, Mother Duncan, Childs & MacKenny

TheSavage Surgeon - Buck Ruxton

Martyrsof Anarchy - The Sacco-Vanzetti Case

France'sAngel of Death - Dr Marcel Petiot

Scarface - Al Capone

Suicideby Proxy - Rouse, Healey & Tetzner

TheCroydon Poisonings - Murder at Birdhurst Rise (Grace Duff)

Orgyof Killings - John Wayne Gacy

Writtenin Blood - Colin Pitchfork, Iam Simms & Timothy Spencer

AKilling Love - Bonnie & Clyde

Modern Bluebeard - HenriDesire Landru

Murderin Hollywood - William Desmond Taylor, Thelma Todd

Passionfor Poison - Graham Young

MotherKillers - Steven Benson, Sidney Fox, Sean Sellers

Bodyin the Trunk - John Robinson, Tony Mancini, Winnie Judd

TheDeadly Couple - Snyder & Gray

MadBad Bill - William Heirens

AtlantaLynching - Leo Frank

Adultery& Arsenic - Armstrong, Greenwood, Waite

Bridesin the Bath

WhoKilled Miss Gilchrist? - Oscar Slater

Bloodon the Streets - Enemies of the State

BarbaricBuccaneer - Donald Merrett

Badmenof the West - Jesse James & Billy the Kid

RitualKillings - Lower Quinton, Hagley Wood, The Labbe case

BlackoutKillers - Gordon Cummins, August Sangret, Karl Hulten

TheBaby Farmer - Gary Heidnik

SexFiends - Harvey Glatman & Jerry Brudos

TheRailway Killers - Duffy, Muller, Matuschka

GrimReaper of Paris - Thierry Paulin

CanadianKillers - Peter Demeter & Evelyn Dick

HighPriests of Death - Rev Jim Jones & Adolfo Constanzo

Victimsof Desire - Vicki Morgan, Dorothy Stratten & Robin Benedict

KillingMachines - Paul John Knowles & Harvey Carigan

Summerof Slaughter - Richard Speck & Charles Whitman

Monsterof the Rivers - Arthur Shawcross

The'Vampire' Killers - Tracey Wiggington & Lisa Ptaschinski

Trialby Coroner - Philp Yale Drew & Evelyn Foster

She-Devil- Simone Weber

Shotsin the Dark - Marguerite Fahmy & Lock Ah Tam

AboveSuspicion - Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

TheBody Snatchers - Burke & Hare and H H Holmes

TheLonely Head-Hunter - Ed Kemper

AustralianNightmare - Eric Edgar Cooke

TheDrowned Girl - Starr Faithful

TheAvengers - Henriette Caillaux & Yvonne Chevallier

OutbackOutlaw - Ned Kelly

TheWhisperings - Marie Besnard & Louisa Merrifield

Mysteriesof Motive - Thomas Ley & Ronald Light

Starbabies- Cheryl Crane & Christian Brando

PoliceKillers - Guenther Podola and Browne & Kennedy

DeadlyDelusions - Ronald True & Reginald Buckfield

FamilyBloodbath - Ronald 'Butch' Defeo, James Ruppert & Harry de la Roche

TouristTrap - Gaston Dominic

NightStalker - Richard Ramirez

CandyMan - Dean Corll

Deathon Duty - Harry Roberts & Howard Wilson

Motherson Trial - Alice Crimmins & Christine Villemin

Woman'sWeapon - Charlotte Bryant, Ethel Major & Violette Nozieres

HandsomeDevil - Eugen Weidmann

Tracesof Poison - Florence Bravo & Adelaide Bartlett

UnfinishedBusiness - Cleveland's Mad Butcher & The Green River Killer

Left-luggage Killers -Devereux, Singh & Goold

Alcatraz Breakout -Bernie Coy

Deadly Duo - John NormanCollins & Leonard Lake

Murder for Money - De Stempel& Von Bulow

Killers on the Shore -Patrick Mahon & Herbert Bennett

Inner City Sadists -The Stockwell Strangler & Bible John

Anarchist Gangsters - TheBonnot Gang

Visions of Murder - Henry LeeLucas & The Zodiac Killer

Deadly Partners - SheilaGarvie & Ronald Chen

Imperfect Parents - DaleCavaness & Marie Hilley

Bodyless Murders - EdwardBall, Michael Onufrejczyk, James Camb

Murder and Mutilation -Jeffrey Dahmer

Killerin the Shadows - Marcel Barbeault
Deadly Doctors - CarlCoppolino & Geza de Kaplany

Campaigning Fathers - HelenSmith & Julie Ward

Children Who Killed - MaryBell & Steven Truscott

Robbery with Murder - DevlishTrio and the De Antiquis Murder

Massacre - William Calley,Michael Ryan

Crooks turned Killers -Charlie Peace, The Stratton Brothers, Steinie Morrison

Travellers in Death - EarleNelson, Heinrich Pommerencke

Unsolved Murders - GeorgeStorrs, Caroline Luard

Freeway Killers - Randy Kraft

Explosive Murders

The Teflon Don - JohnGotti

Spanish Desperados - TheGarcia-Romero Brothers, Fernando Olmos

Parent Killers - ElizabethHaysom, Jens Soering, Wyley Gates

Billionaire Boys Club - JoeHunt

Dealt the Death Card - JosephBowne Elwell

Insane Murderers - HerbertMullin, Patrick Mackay

Scissors Murder - Lehnberg& Choegoe

Moat-house Farm Murders -Samuel Dougal

Sense of Injustice - TheFoster Gang, Gordon Kahl

Body in the Sack - Donald& Manton

Issue 142 Resentment Killers - CarlPanzram, Werner Boost

Issue 143 Crazy Gunmen - Robert Poulin,Julian Kinght, Marc Lepine

Issue 144 A Disciplined Death - PeterPlumley-Walker

Issue 145 Deadly Deal in Hollywood -Paul Bern

Issue 146 Texas Teenage Murders - DavidSpence, Greg Knighten

Issue 147 The Odd Couple - KennethHalliwell, Joe Orton

Issue 148 Dangerous Liaisons - JoePikul & Lee Orsini

Issue 149 Assassination, Price ofPolitics - James Earl Ray, Carl Weiss

Issue 150 INDEX

Special 1 - The Killing of JohnLennon

Special 2 - Jack The Ripper

Special 3 - The KennedyAssassination

Binders 1 - 10

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