Hachette Build The Red Baron's Fighter Plane

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Hachette Build The Red Baron's Fighter Plane

If part comes with magazine it may be folded as some of them arrive this way.

I AM SORRY I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PART OF THE PLANE IS IN THIS ISSUE I CANNOT FIND A LIST ANYWHERE.Build The Red Baron's Fighter Plane is a magazine published by Hachette Partworks.  It'a weekly magazine, with the main aim being to complete a 1/8 scale model of the the Red Baron's Fokker Dr1 Triplane, which will take 100 issues, or 2 years.  I would suggest that first time visitors read the 'Magazine' Page, then have a look at the model pages.

Here are the sizes of the original aircraft and the model.

original Fokker DR1

Model Wingspan 7.19 m (23 ft 7in) 90 cm (35 in) Length 5.77 m (18 ft 11 in) 72 cm (28 in) Height 2.95 m (8 ft 6 in) 37 cm (15 in)

Just in case anybody is thinking of it - it is not possible to convert this model to radio control.  The construction is too heavy to not strong enough.  

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