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Eaglemoss Lord Of The Rings Figures Collector's Models Series

Model is Boxed the shrink wrap it came in has been removed.
Magazine it may be folded as some of them arrive this way to me from eaglemoss no returns for folded magazine or creased magazine
the magazine is included free with the model

The Eaglemoss Lord of the Rings Collector's Models Series

Eaglemoss Lord of the Rings Collector's Models series. These excellent metal figures & 12 page colour booklets were available to subscribers of the 180 edition partwork released in the UK and some other countries few years ago. All models are handpainted and most - but not all - are made to 1/29 scale making an average human figure around 6cm tall.
These figures as the name suggests are obviously designed as collectors pieces and very nice they are too. However a couple of other possibilities do present themselves. Firstly some of the models have potential for use with the Games Workshop 28mm Lord of the Rings gaming system. For example many of the figures can be repainted as statues to enhance the look and feel of you Middle Earth fortifications and battlefields. Others where the scale is less than the 1:29 for the standard figures can be used as they are such as Sauron and the Great Beast which is an excellent model and ideal for towing Grond, Siege Towers and Catapults etc...Some of the Orcs can be used as Giant Orcs or Trolls and there are indeed also several Troll models themselves.

180 Figures to complete + 4 specials.

1   Gandalf the White at Fangorn Forest                                                      
2   Legolas at Helms Deep
3   Aragorn at Weathertop
4   Lurtz at Parth Galen
5   Gimli at Balin's Tomb
6   Easterling at the Gates of Mordor
7   Boromir at Amon Hen
8   Rohan Soldier at the Battle of Helm's Deep
9   Gollum at Emyn Muil
10  Faramir at Osgiliath
11  Wormtongue at Orthanc
12  King Theoden at White Mountains
13  Orc Soldier at Dagorlad Plain
14  Elrond at the Council of Rivendell
15  Saruman Battles at Orthanc
16  Eomer at the Plains of Rohan
17  Ugluk at Fangorn Forest
18  Galadriel at Lothlorien
19  Ringwraith Attack at Bree
20  Frodo & Sam at Rivendell
21  Grishnakh at Fangorn Forest
22  Gandalf the Grey at Hobbiton
23  Uruk Hai Warrior at Amon Hen
24  Eowyn at Edoras
25  Denethor at Minas Tirith
26  King of the Dead at the Cave of Erech
27  The Witch King at Pelennor Fields
28  King Elessar at Minas Tirith
29  Gothmog at Pelennor Fields
30  Haldir at Helm's Deep
31  Twilight Wraith at Weathertop
32  Isildur at Mount Doom
33  Orc Overseer at Isengard
34  Merry & Pippin at Isengard
35  Beserker Uruk-Hai at Helms Deep
36  Moria Orc at the Mines of Moria
37  Gorbag at Cirith Ungol
38  Elven Warrior at Dagorlad Plain
39  Snaga at Fangorn Forest
40  Gondorian Soldier at Minas Tirith
41  Lurtz Birthed at Isengard
42  Army of the Dead at the Cave of Erech
43  King Theoden Possessed at Edoras
44  Arwen at Minas Tirith
45  Orc Lieutenant at Pelennor Fields
46  Hama at Edoras
47  Shagrat at Cirith Ungol
48  Bilbo at Hobbiton
49  Orc Archer at Pelennor Fields
50  Gil Galad at Dagorlad Plain
51  Haradrim Archer at Pelennor Fields
52  Galadriel Possessed at Cara Galadhorn
53  Wildman on Plains of Rohan
54  Sam & Rosie at Hobbiton
55  Mouth of Sauron at the Gates of Mordor
56  Elrond at the Dagorlad Plains
57  Smeagol at Gladden Fields
58  Eowyn at Pelennor Fields
59  Gamling at Edoras
60  Frodo & Gollum at Mount Doom
61  Orc Scout in Westfold
62  Legolas at Helm's Deep
63  Saruman at Orthanc
64  Sam at Cirith Ungol
65  Orc Infantryman at Pelennor Fields
66  Celeborn at the Gray Havens
67  Denethor at the Court of Minas Tirith
68  Elendil at the Dagorlad Plain
69  Uruk-Hai General at Helms Deep
70  Strider at Bree
71 Orc Blacksmith
72 Arwen at Rivendell
73 Mauhur at Fangorn Forest
74 Pippin in the Mines of Moria
75 Orc Warrior at Minas Tirith
76 Elven Archer at Helms Deep
77 Corsair of Umbar at the Anduin River
78 Aragorn at Dunharrow.
79 Damrod at Osgiliath
80 King Theoden at Pelennor Fields
81 Mordor Orc at the Pelennor Fields
82 Frodo & Bilbo at the Grey Havens
83 Orc Raider at the Pelennor Fields
84 Numenoreon Knight at the Dagorlad Plain
85 Orc Brute at the Tower of Orthanc
86 Proudfoot at Hobbiton
87 Kings of Men at the Noldorin Forge
88 Barliman Butterbur at Bree
89 Beak-Helm Orc at Minas Morgul
90 Galadriel at the Grey Havens
91 Wall-Crawling Moria Orc in the Mines of Moria
92 Aldor at the Battle of Helm's Deep
93 Haradrim Master at the Pelennor Fields
94 Merry and Pippin at the Pelennor Fields
95 Gollum in the Misty Mountains Caves
96 Boromir a Osgiliath
97 Siege Tower Orc at Minas Tirith
98 Frodo & Sam in Mordor
99 Minas Morgul Orc in the Morgul Valley
100 Legolas at Minas Tirith
101 Easterling on the road to Mordor
102 Galadhrim Archer at Helm's Deep
103 Gollum at Mount Doom
104 Gimli at Lothlorien
105 Ringwraith with Morgul Blade at Bree
106 Elven Escort at Rivendell
107 Uruk-Hai Invader with Crossbow at Helms Deep
108 Boromir at the Misty Mountains
109 Sauron in Sammath Naur
110 Gandalf the Grey at Khazad-Dum
111 Treebeard in Fangorn Forest
112 Shelob in the Pass of Cirith Ungol
113 The Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-dum (Not 1:29 scale)
114 Battle Troll at Minas Tirith (Not 1:29 scale)
115 Great Beast sat Pelennor Fields (Not 1:29 scale)
116 Catapult Troll at Pelennor Fields (Not 1:29 scale)
117 The Watcher at the Gate of Moria (Not 1:29 scale)
118 Fell Beast at Minas Morgul (Not 1:29 scale)
119 Armoured Troll at the Black Gate of Mordor (Not 1:29 scale)
120 Gwaihir at Mount Doom (Not 1:29 scale)
121 Dwarf Lord at the Noldorin Forge
122 Orc Axeman in Fangorn Forest
123 Minas Morgul Gargoyle
124 Beacon Lighter at Mount Mindolluin
125 The Argonath Part 1 Isildur on the River Anduin
126 The Argonath Part 2 Elendil on the River Andui
127 Bilbo (Possessed) & Frodo at Rivendell
128 Irolas at Minas Tirith
129 White Hand Orc
130 Haleth
131 Gatekeeper
132 Rohan Farmer
133 Corsair Pirate
134 Pippin & Palantir
135 Ithilien Ranger Captain
136 Tree of Gondor
137 Boromir
138 Gondorion Citadel Guard
139 Uruk-Hai Bomber                                
140 Elven Blacksmith
141 Sam & Gollum (Mount Doom)
142 Faramir (Minas Tirith)
143 Soldier of the Dead (Minas Tirith Docks
144 Legolas
145 Chess Playing Hobbit
146 Elrond at Minas Tirith
147 Sharku at the White Mountains
148 Merry & Pippin (Tankards on heads)
149 Barad-dur
150 Eowyn
151 Sam & Rosie
152 Orc Artillery
153 Gimli                                                            
154 Arwen
155 Bilbo                                                             
156 Rohan King (Statue)                                              
157 Gollum                                                   
158 Orthanc                                                     
159 Galadriel                                                         
160 Aragorn                                                                
161 Sauron                                                                 
162 Faramir                                                   
163 Orc Sgt                                                                  
164 Frodo & Sam                                            
165 Marsh Spirit                                                          
166 Galadhrim Warrior                                                      
167 Witch King (Dying)                                           
168 Merry & Pippin (Singed!)                                      
169 Orc Commander
170 Arwen
171 Uruk-Hai (with Banner)
172 Aragorn & Son
173 Orc Sentry
174 Elven Statue
175 Theodred
176 Elrond
177 Eomer (with bow)
178 Gloin
179 Corsair Pirate
180 Frodo writing at desk
Special Edition 1 Gandalf on Shadowfax
Special Edition 2 Ringwraith
Special Edition3 Cave Troll
Special Edition4 Wargrider
Binder or File to store magazines
Display Base for your figures
Complete Collection 1 to 180 figures

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