Danbury Mint Piggies

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Danbury mint piggies

This cute collection of piggies is from the 1980's
Pigs hogs Figurines
approx. 3 ½” tall
The detailing of these pigs are incredible on the front sides and back sides of these little critters they have their original sticker on the bottom of their feet along with Danbury Mint. These pigs are in great used condition,
The Danbury Mint's marketing material states that "The Porkchesters are sure to be admired for their charm and uniqueness by all who see them in your home."
The Danbury Mint
The Danbury Mint is a world leader in the design and development of fine collectibles. For over three decades, they have been serving the needs of collectors to acquire keepsakes of lasting meaning, beauty and importance. They take great pride and pleasure in presenting collectors and enthusiasts with a varied and ever-changing assortment of quality products.

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25 Issues To complete the collection.

Issue 1 Hogwash,
Issue 2 I Sty,
Issue 3 Sow-Wester,
Issue 4 All Snout,
Issue 5 Swine Waiter,
Issue 6 Piganini,
Issue 7 Hamfisted,
Issue 8 Pig Pen,
Issue 9 Billy Grunter,
Issue 10 Sleeping Beauty,
Issue 11 Lester Piglet,
Issue 12 Pigador,
Issue 13 Snout of Africa,
Issue 14 Trotter of the Yard,
Issue 15 Play It again Ham,
Issue 16 Snout Yeoman,
Issue 17 Pigoletto,
Issue 18 Swine Lake,
Issue 19 Pig Ignorant,
Issue 20 Piggles,
Issue 21 Danish Ham,
Issue 22 Piggy Banker,
Issue 23 Hamlet,
Issue 24 Hambo,
Issue 25 Frances Bacon

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Condition Used Good

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