Deagostini Jaguar E-type 1:8 Scale

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Jaguar E-type | 1:8 Scale

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Build your very own 1:8-scale reproduction of the Jaguar E-type, the world's best-loved classic. 

Since its introduction, the E-type has been a classic symbol of luxury, performance and style, an object of desire for pop stars, Hollywood legends and racing drivers alike. Now, with the Build the Jaguar E-type magazine collection, you too can own a piece of this legend..
Product in Depth
From the moment it was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961, it was obvious that the E-type was destined to be one of the all-time great cars. For a start, it looked like nothing else, with a style and shape that led no less an authority than rival manufacturer Enzo Ferrari to declare it the most beautiful car in the world.
Your model is a 1:8-scale replica of a 1963 Series 1, which included refinements to the launch car. Making this highly detailed model is a tribute to the expert engineers who created the original E-type. The cars were virtually hand-built in Browns Lane, Coventry, utilising many parts built in-house. Influenced by racing experience, the E-type’s designers employed cutting-edge technology rarely seen on road cars at the time – including fully independent suspension and disc brakes – while Malcolm Sayer designed the car’s aerodynamic body shell using experience from the aviation industry, giving the Jaguar E-type its distinctive lines.

Order your Jaguar E-type model kit online today.  Each pack is delivered in 25 monthly phases.  Every shipment comes with 4 superbly illustrated magazines with features and insights on the E-type story, plus step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the parts of your model. Get the product overview for FREE in the "The Build" section.

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