DeAGOSTINI Harry Potter Chess Used

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DeAGOSTINI Harry Potter Chess -

Used chess piece's, sold as pictured with no magazine. If the piece has a battery to operate sound or light effect this battery will very likely not work and need replacing, please be aware of this

New batteries can be sourced for £1 or less on ebay.

House Clearance  if you have a Model, Toy or any collectionn, accumulation, aggregation, mass, heap, pile, hoard, store to dispose of contact us first for our professional assistance.

Sold Singularly by the issue number. I do not sell full collections. Please select the issue number you require from the selection bar, you can buy as many or as few as you require.

Stock details. If you cannot select the issue you require from the drop down select bar or you cannot see the issue number you require then it will be out of stock. Please go to the website partworkscollectables and follow this procedure:-  select issue - currently unavailable - please email for stock notify on availability. The next time I have stock the site will automatically email you that its available.

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Issue 1 Exploding Black Pawn
Issue 2 Exploding White Pawn
Issue 3 Magnetic Black Rook
Issue 4 Magnetic White Rook
Issue 5 Glowing Black Queen
Issue 6 Glowing White Queen
Issue 7 Bishop Black With Sound Effects
Issue 8 Bishop White With Sound Effects
Issue 9 Neighing Black Knight
Issue 10 Neighing White Knight
Issue 11 Black King With Sound Effects
Issue 12 White King With Sound Effects
Issue 13 Small Black Pouch For The Pawns
Issue 14 Small Red Pouch For The Pawns
Issue 15 Large Black Pouch For The Piece's
Issue 16 Large Red Pouch For The Piece's
Issue 17 Growling White Knight
Issue 18 Growling Black Knight
Issue 19 Fire Breathing White Queen
Issue 20 Fire Breathing Black Queen
Issue 21 Black Rook Glowing Windows
Issue 22 White Rook Glowing Windows
Issue 23 Glowing White Pawn
Issue 24 Glowing Black Pawn
Issue 25 Fire Breathing White King
Issue 26 Fire Breathing Black King
Issue 27 Two Glowing Corners Of The Chessboard
Issue 28 Fiery Eyed White Bishop
Issue 29 Fiery Eyed Black Bishop
Issue 30 Gold Pouch For Your Pieces
Issue 31 Green Pouch For Your Pieces
Issue 32 Chessboard Base
Issue 33 Complete Chessboard
Issue 34 Cardboard Chessboard 2
Issue 35 Chessboard Support
Issue 36 Glowing Corner Piece
Issue 37 Glowing Crest 1 Gryffindor (only 1 crest)
Issue 38 Glowing Crest 1 Slitherin (only 1 crest)
Issue 39 Glowing Crest 3 Ravenclaw (only 1 crest)
Issue 40 Glowing Crest 4 Hufflepuff (only 1 crest)
Issue 41 Magnetic Floating Pen
Issue 42 Wand
Issue 43 Time Tuner Hermione's
Issue 44 Magnetic Notepad No Paper
Issue 45 Magnetic Pin Harry (only 1 badge)
Issue 46 Magnetic Pin Ron (only 1 badge)
Issue 47 Magnetic Pin Hermione (only 1 badge)
Issue 48 Magnetic Pin Hagrid (only 1 badge)


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Condition Used Very Good

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