Deagostini Build Your Own McLaren MP4-23

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Deagostini Build Your Own McLaren MP4-23

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Now you can build your own 1:8 scale model of the 2008 World Champion Formula One car in stunning detail. Created by Kyosho and De Agostini ModelSpace, this highly detailed and beautifully crafted rendition is delivered in 21 exciting monthly build phases.

Even as a model-making novice, you can assemble this unique 1:8 scale model with clear step-by-step instructions we provide to show you how to assemble and finish the parts - every step of the way. Even if you've never tried this type of project before, you'll be able to put your McLaren MP4-23 together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go.  Authorized by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, the McLaren MP4-23 model car kit replicates every detail of the original Formula One car. Unique features of this model include a faithfully reproduced engine, chassis, brakes and rear suspension. Made from moulded plastic, metal and carbon fiber, this remarkable model car kit includes more than 50 authentic details, including sponsor logos. With your magazines, you will also learn about the history of Team McLaren, the races, the technology, the personalities and enjoy reading our Formula One A-Z.

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85 issues to complete
Issue 1 - Building the front wing
Issue 2 - Completing the front wing
Issue 3 - Assembling the left front suspension
Issue 4 - Assembling the right front suspension
Issue 5 - Assembling the nose
Issue 6 - Attaching decals to the wing flap stays
Issue 7 - Attaching the wing to the nose
Issue 8 - Assembling the front brake unit 1
Issue 9 - Assembling the front brake unit 2
Issue 10 - Assembling the front brake unit 3
Issue 11 - Assembling the front brake unit 4
Issue 12 - Assembling the front brake
Issue 13 - Assembling the front wheels and tyres
Issue 14 - Assembling the rear wing 1
Issue 15 - Assembling the rear wing 2
Issue 16 - Assembling the rear wing 3
Issue 17 Assembling the rear brake units 1
Issue 18 Assembling the rear brake units 2
Issue 19 Assembling the rear brake 3
Issue 20 Assembling the rear brake units 4
Issue 21 - Building the engine 1
Issue 22 - Building the engine 2
Issue 23 - Assembling the gearbox 1
Issue 24 - Assembling the gearbox 2
Issue 25 Assembling the gearbox cowl 1
Issue 26 Assembling the gearbox cowl 
Issue 27 Assembling the gearbox cowl 3
Issue 28 Assembling the gearbox cowl 4
Issue 29 Assembling the rear suspension 1
Issue 30 Assembling the rear suspension 2
Issue 31 Assembling the left rear wheel and tyre
Issue 32 Assembling the injector unit
Issue 33 Assembling the injector unit 2
Issue 34 Assembling the engine cover 1
Issue 35 Assembling the engine cover 2
Issue 36 Assembling the underbody 1
Issue 37 Assembling the underbody 2
Issue 38 Assembling the underbody 3
Issue 39 Assembling the underbody 4
Issue 40 Assembling the underbody 5
Issue 41 Assembling the damper unit 1
Issue 42 Assembling the damper unit 2
Issue 43 Assembling the damper unit 3
Issue 44 Assembling the damper unit 4
Issue 45 Assembling the damper unit 5
Issue 46 Assembling the underbody panel 1
Issue 47 Cockpit internal assembly 1
Issue 48 Cockpit internal assembly 2
Issue 49 - Radiator Parts
Issue 50 - Assembling the radiators
Issue 51 - Brake calipers
Issue 52 Preparing the wheels and tyres
Issue 53 Applying the tyre treatment
Issue 54 Assembling the steering 1
Issue 55 Assembling the steering 2
Issue 56 Assembling the steering 3
Issue 57 Assembling the driver's seat
Issue 58 Fitting the driver's harness
Issue 59 Driver's seat and exhaust
Issue 60 - Assembling the exhaust
Issue 61 - the engine cowl
Issue 62 - the engine cowl 1
Issue 63 - Assembling the exhaust
Issue 64 - Assembling the engine cowl 3
Issue 65 - Applying suspension decals 1
Issue 66 - Applying suspension decals 2
Issue 67 - Preparing the monocoque
Issue 68 - Assembling the fuel gate
Issue 69 - Assembling the fuel gate 2
Issue 70 - Assembling the induction pod
Issue 71 Assembling the induction pod 2
Issue 72 Front suspension assembly 1
Issue 73 - Front suspension assembly 2
Issue 74 Sidepod aerodynamic components
Issue 75 – Bargeboards
Issue 76 - Assembling the main body 3
Issue 77 - Assembling the main body 4
Issue 78 assembling the main body 5
Issue 79 assembling the main body 6
Issue 80 assembling the main body 7
Issue 81 assembling the main body 8
Issue 82 fitting mirrors & tail light
Issue 83 installing the radiators
Issue 84 skid blocks, muffer decals
Issue 85 applying the decals last issue

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