Deagostini Boxers Undisputed DVD Collection

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Deagostini's Boxers Undisputed DVD Collection


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This collection came with a magazine, there were a total of 50 Issues 

Issue 1 - Muhammad Ali v Liston & Foreman
Issue 2 - Mike Tyson v Berbick Spinks Brun
Issue 3 - Rocky Marciano v Walcott 1952
Issue 4 - Joe Fraser v Ali Thrilla in Manila 75
Issue 5 - Roberto Duran V Buchanan 1972
Issue 6 - Jake Lamotta v Dauthuille / Hairston
Issue 7 - Muhammad Ali Part 2 v Wepner / Bugner
Issue 8 - Joe Louis Part 1 v Baer / Braddock /
Issue 9 - Larry Holmes v M Frazier / Tyson
Issue 10 - Power Punchers P1 - Johnson v Moran
Issue 11 - Sugar Ray Robinson v Olson / Basilio
Issue 12 - Sonny Liston v Bethea / Whitehurst
Issue 13 - Jack Dempsey v Wilard / Carpenter
Issue 14 - Power Punchers P2 Marciano v Charles
Issue 15 - Jack Johnson v Burns / Ketchel / Jef
Issue 16 - Max Schmeling v Sharkey / Stribling
Issue 17 - Floyd Patterson v Johansson
Issue 18 - Ken Buchanan v Laguna / Kil Lee
Issue 19 - Marcel Cerdan v Charron / Manca
Issue 20 - Leading Lights Leonard v Tendler
Issue 21 - Fast Fists Ketchel v Papke - Zale v
Issue 22 - Henry Armstrong v Arizmendi / Ross /
Issue 23 - Welterweights - Ross - Mclarnin - Ga
Issue 24 - Jersey Joe Walcott v Charles 1951
Issue 25 - Paul Pender v Robinson v Basilio
Issue 26 - Nino Benvenuti v Griffith v Bethea
Issue 27 - Jimmy Carter v Aragon v Salas
Issue 28 - Georges Carpentier v Smith v Cook
Issue 29 - Barney Ross v Canzoneri v Petrolle
Issue 30 - Carmen Basilio v Demarco 1955
Issue 31 - Dick Tiger v Giardello v Rouse
Issue 32 - Tommy Farr v Louis v Braddock
Issue 33 - Carlos Ortiz v Lane v Torres v Bizza
Issue 34 - Joey Maxim v Murphy v Robinson
Issue 35 - Kid Gavilan v Janiro v Cartier
Issue 36 - Gene Tunney v Carpentier v Gibbons
Issue 37 - Benny Paret v Thompson v Griffith
Issue 38 - Emile Griffith v Paret v Fullmer
Issue 39 - Joe Louis v Conn v Simon
Issue 40 - Italian - American Heavyweights
Issue 41 - Joey Giardello v Panter v Cartier
Issue 42 -  Ted Kid Lewis v Basham v McCormick
Issue 43 - Gene Fullmer v Robinson v Basilio
Issue 44 - Freddie Mills v Lesnevich v Woodcock
Issue 45 - Bob Foster v Tiger v Depaula
Issue 46 - Little Big Men - Canzoneri v Berg
Issue 47 - Archie Moore v Maxim v Johnson
Issue 48 - Power Punchers Part 3 - Sharkey v Sc
Issue 49 - Great British Boxers - Turpin v Cock
Issue 50 - Joe Brown v Smith Miami Beach 1957

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