Deagostini Build R2-D2 - 1:2 Scale Model

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Deagostini Build R2-D2 - 1:2 Scale Model

This new magazine series celebrates the amazing technology of STAR WARS SAGA. Follow in the footsteps of the master film prop designers and assemble a MOVIE-ACCURATE, HALF-SIZE REPLICA of the most famous astromech in the galaxy.

Your R2-D2 is also an ADVANCED, AUTONOMAOUS DROID, with interactive intelligence, and multiple modes and functions. 
Product in Depth
You will build your own R2-D2 from components engineered to look just like the original Star Wars props – plus state-of-the-art modern electronic components. Taking inspiration from the remote-controlled film prop, your fully functioning half-scale model R2-D2 is engineered in the same way, and has been authentically detailed based on the droid seen on screen. 

Once assembled, you can choose whether to retain the factory-fresh finish, or give your astromech a weathered, ‘used’ appearance as in the movies. 
When your R2-D2 is complete, you will be able to download the special control app to your smartphone or tablet. Then fit the rechargeable batteries, switch on and connect R2-D2 to your wi-fi network. With his sensors, camera, microphones, sophisticated logic boards and powerful motors, R2-D2 can interact with his owner, move and behave just like the astromech from the Star Wars movies. 

Each shipment includes 4 official full color magazines with your easy-to-follow - detailed Assembly Guide plus a fascinating look at the amazing story behind the little astromech and the other droids, machines and vehicles of Star Wars as you follow in the footsteps of the master movie makers. 

Inside every issue of build your own R2-D2:
This fascinating section lets you look behind the scenes to see the techniques used to construct and film the droids, ships, sets and creatures of all the Star Wars movies. Explore their development from the earliest concept to the final stunning prop models, photographed in minute detail. 

Explore how R2-D2 fits into a Star Wars universe packed with droids built for every conceivable purpose, from providing medical care to waging war. Beyond their appearance in the movies, discover their functional features through blueprints, specification sheets and a comprehensive technical analysis. 

This section explains the technology behind the parts that you are assembling. These illustrated articles help you to understand the function of electronic and mechanical parts, including things like sensors, motors, wi-fi, logic boards, and much more. 

These step-by-step assembly instructions make it easy to put together the parts supplied with each issue and test that your droid is working correctly at each stage. There are lots of hints and tips to make it easy for novices and expert builders alike to get perfect results. 

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